Chocolate Chip Cookies

It’s Memorial Day – Weekend and I must first salute my uncle and grandfather ūüôā I thank them for their service XOXO

Well, speaking of being thankful, at work, ‘the men’ decided to pull out some grills at the employee entrance to¬†show off their BBQ¬†skills – what a joy! ¬†For the rest of us, we followed through with bringing sides and/or desserts. ¬†What did I bring? ¬†Chocolate Chip Cookies ūüôā

I must admit I am very disappointed at myself for not creating something theme related. It was a long day, but am glad I was still able to contribute.  It was a wonderful time, bonding over food.


Well blog friends, I hate to cut this short, but I must run. ¬†Need to get to work and can’t chat long. ¬†I’ll post this whenever I can. ¬†Have a wonderful – wonderful weekend and be safe. ūüć™


It’s 3am and I’m FINALLY HOME <sigh> Felt bad for not leaving a cookie recipe so here you go…



1 cp (2 sticks) soft butter

3/4 cp packed brown sugar

3/4 cp granulated sugar

2 eggs

1 tsp baking soda

1 tsp hot water

1 1/4 all-purpose flour

1 cup of oat flour

1 tsp salt

1 – 1/2 cp chocolate chips

1 tsp vanilla extract

  • Preheat oven to 375 degrees
  • Mix first four ingredients
  • Mix the following two items then add to cream mixture
  • Stir in¬†the remaining¬†ingredients
  • Scoop out little balls with spoon and place on cookie/baking sheet
  • Place in fridge for 15 minuets
  • Place cookie sheet in oven for about 10 minuets. ¬†(Pull out a couple minuets sooner depending on color or texture preference)


A morning of cinnamon rolls

So I decided to get up and go to church, followed¬†by treating myself to breakfast afterwards. ¬†I looked up some breakfast spots nearby and came across Biscuit Cafe in Las Vegas. ¬†Keep in mind I already researched this spot days ago…because that’s what I do. ¬†Remember, I always prefer to read the menu in advance.

I drove and drove wondering if the trip was wroth it. ¬†“Jeeze, how far is this spot?” I kept asking myself. ¬†Enjoying the breeze, music playing, all while giving head nods of acceptance to the other drivers. ¬†Parked, that was easy. ¬†The people seemed nice, very clean and no wait at all – great yet odd for a Sunday. ¬†Usually I have my posse or The Eagle, but this rodeo was done all alone. ¬†I walk inside. ¬†“OMG she’s here in Vegas,” a voice yells out. ¬†Little do they know, I’ve lived¬†here for a while. ¬†I just travel a lot. ¬†The surroundings, typical booths and silver¬†rounded back chairs pushed up at the tables, nothing fancy. ¬†I tried not to get distracted by the artificial¬†cinnamon rolls at the front counter, but they caught my attention.


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Cupcake Critiques (4 those w/ short patience)

You know, sometimes it’s best to just get to the point. ¬†You know, is it good or not? ¬†No time for sites¬†that talk you up and down¬†and all around. ¬†Well Q, that’s what blogging is about… I guess. ¬†My issue isn’t¬†so much¬†the stretched out rambling, but that some¬†blogs have the same language, the same set up. ¬†A story about their grandmother, which goes into a flashback as a child, something dramatic as an adult that gets tied around relationships or health then – BAM, the recipe! ¬†Well, no lie, I shall offer a few of those myself here and there because sometimes they’re fun, but with my time in-between, LETS MIX IT UP! ¬†(FYI these are all located in CA)

Getting To The Point #1 РCrumbs Bake Shop

Always dry, will never go back. ¬†However for some reason my best friend¬†likes them. ¬†She’s a loser! ¬†Why are they popular? ¬†I have nothing else to say and refuse to post a photo (arms crossed).

Amenities *
Customer Service ***
Cleanliness ***
Experience ***
Taste *
Price *

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Pineapples & Pancakes

(Facebook repost)

Alright, I have another one for ya! ¬†The Eagle and I (the boyfriend) took a trip to try out this¬†Pineapple Upside-Down Pancake. ¬† These trips aren’t always planned, for sometimes the people call upon us. ¬†Who are these people? ¬†You know, the people. ¬†The people reach out to us when in need of deciding where to eat. ¬†It’s what we do…and I¬†enjoy it.

We pull up, seems the lot knew we were in the neighborhood – parking was easy. ¬†The Eagle steps out to adjust his sun-glasses. ¬†“BEEP” the car locks. ¬†“Head towards the green awning”, I yell out. ¬†We worked our way to the door, confirming its entrance.

It’s bright and pleasant inside, I smile with approval. ¬†The waitress guides us to our seat, seconds for waiting. ¬†I suddenly hear chatter, “I think it’s her?” ¬†I knew what they’re thinking. ¬†The sounds take me back to Jacks n Joe‘s.

I place the order – DISHES CRASH!!!

“She ordered it,” a young girl¬†whispers.

“You think she’ll like it?” another questions.

The Eagle wasn’t so sure so we opted to share yet ordered potatoes and eggs with a biscuit on the side.


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I made cinnamon rolls :)

Guys I am so excited because I made cinnamon rolls today – YES! ¬†Are they the best you’ve ever seen? ¬†Probably not LOL but that’s ok. ¬†I’m still proud of my efforts ūüôā


I wasn’t sure whose recipes to explore. ¬†I’m also those people who for whatever stubborn reason lacks the interest of following instructions and enjoys breaking away to do my own thing – don’t ask why (…probably why you didn’t love it). Also, The Eagle doesn’t really care for cream cheese so I changed the glaze as well.

I was nervous the entire time. ¬†Whenever I’m near bread/yeast, things go wrong LOL ¬†If you read the previous blog about biscuits then you should remember me mentioning I tend to over kneed or simply destroy the dough. ¬†OH – FYI, I’m going to practice biscuits sometime this week. Not only should you wish me luck, BUT also send out a bread prayer – just saying and thanks in advance!IMG_3104.JPG

I’m not posting the recipe either. ¬†Not because I don’t want to share, but because I’m still working on it for it’s a mixture of a few. ¬†Besides, it’s not 3 or 4 stars yet. The bread came out well, but I could have pulled it out of the oven few¬†minuets sooner. It baked for 25-30 minuets at 350 degrees. ¬†I should have taken¬†it out the first time I checked on them 20-25 minuets in. ¬†Luckily they were still soft.

For the icing I combined powered sugar, butter and VERY little cream cheese.  He actually enjoyed it РShocking!

IMG_3106.JPG¬†Over all, we were pleased. ¬†They were yummy enough. ¬†I ate two back to back and a third an hour later. ¬†I was VERY proud of myself, but I know what’s great and I have ways to go, but that’s ok because I’m down for the ride. <eye wink>

Well, I just wanted to share. ¬†And if there’s something you too are working on, you have my support ūüôā