Where Vegas meets Golden Girls for food

I absolutely enjoy the Peppermill. It is located north of the strip in Las Vegas, NV.  Why?  It’s where Vegas meets Golden Girls for food!  HA!  It gives me late night meets 80’s, meets 24hr service, meets group conversations, meets large plates, meets cheap enough eats all wrapped into one colorful, neon restaurant.  And yes that’s a pink tree below.  This is definitely that spot you go to after a club, bar or when folks are in town and need to supply your guest with variety of items at any time of the day.  Your menu selection ranges from quesadillas, American breakfast classics, salads, burgers to Italian-style chicken parmesan.  The service has always been pretty good and it always bring a chuckle to my spirit observing the staff wearing those horrible floral tops.  Oh!  Don’t forget about the strolling photographer who visits every table looking for guest to buy a souvenir Peppermill themed, framed photo.  Don’t worry the first small copy is free.

“Oh what to get this time?” I asked myself.

I forgot what my friend ordered LOL however I purchased the country fried steak and eggs with a side of hash browns.  I’ll say this, I rarely ever enjoy anyones hash browns for they’re always under seasoned of which I understand why, but jeez for once could they be doctored up and ready to go?


I enjoyed my meal and especially for what it was.  My steak offered enough flavor and wasn’t tough.  I’m a sucker for gravy, eggs were ordered scrambled-hard and I was with great company.  Can’t beat it!  Food is prepared well, service is good, lots of available parking and yes there can be long lines depending on the time or day of your visit.  This is no 4 star, upscale spot folks.  This is The Peppermill Restaurant, a great establishment offering good food at a reasonable cost since 1972.

What I did not include photo-wise was the Fireside bar-lounge in the other room.  It too offers colorful lighting and sofa seating that surrounds a fire pit.  There are televisions that display music videos and a counter for traditional bar seating.  I personally hang here while waiting for my table to become available.

Well, go check them out one day and tell me what you think.

Amenities ***
Customer Service **
Cleanliness ***
Experience ***
Taste **
Price **


Pineapples & Pancakes

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Alright, I have another one for ya!  The Eagle and I (the boyfriend) took a trip to try out this Pineapple Upside-Down Pancake.   These trips aren’t always planned, for sometimes the people call upon us.  Who are these people?  You know, the people.  The people reach out to us when in need of deciding where to eat.  It’s what we do…and I enjoy it.

We pull up, seems the lot knew we were in the neighborhood – parking was easy.  The Eagle steps out to adjust his sun-glasses.  “BEEP” the car locks.  “Head towards the green awning”, I yell out.  We worked our way to the door, confirming its entrance.

It’s bright and pleasant inside, I smile with approval.  The waitress guides us to our seat, seconds for waiting.  I suddenly hear chatter, “I think it’s her?”  I knew what they’re thinking.  The sounds take me back to Jacks n Joe‘s.

I place the order – DISHES CRASH!!!

“She ordered it,” a young girl whispers.

“You think she’ll like it?” another questions.

The Eagle wasn’t so sure so we opted to share yet ordered potatoes and eggs with a biscuit on the side.


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Hash House A Go Go is where we ate while in Las Vegas.  And Boy oh Boy I’m a sucka for themed restaurants – I love them!  It’s a restaurant chain offering as they say, “Twisted farm food”.  Well, I dig ’em!  You’ll come across a tractor in the center of the room, straw decor, brick walls with dinner-like seating options.  They serve breakfast, lunch and dinner just so you know.  And make sure to view their website for they have locations in varied states.


Yup, plate size pancakes is what they stir up around here.  In Los Angeles, CA there are a couple of spots that other similar large pancakes such as The Griddle Cafe located on Sunset Blvd.  Both places offer the exciting experience of taking on plate-size flapjacks, wondering if you’re able to complete it all.  I did LOL However at the Griddle they offer more stacks creating a tremendous challenge. The lines are long at both places and the wait sucks, but The Griddle at least offers way more amusing selections.  It’s their gimmick.

Well getting back to HHAGG, clearly I went for the Blueberry Flapjacks with crispy bacon and eggs scrambled hard.  Yes, my berries are on the side because I had to share my cakes with someone who wanted simple Butter Milk – LAME!  SOOOOOO no creativity via MOUTH lol  The taste was unflashy.  Nothing to scream about, but not bad either, just there.



As far as their themed selections, there are items titled, ‘The Tractor Driver Combo’ and (pictured to the left) their ‘Sage fried Chicken Tower’.  Two sage fried chicken breasts with hardwood smoked bacon waffle tower, hot maple reduction and fried leeks.  Definitely offering large plates from this house!

Do I need to return?  Not really, but because it’s a simple enough spot as far as taste, sure I would.


Amenities (parking, location, seating, menu selections, etc) ***
Customer Service (greeted, helpful, polite, checking-in, etc) ***
Cleanliness ***
Experience (themed, music, atmosphere, energy, etc) ***
Taste **
Price ***