Learning to pipe


And you can do it too!

It’s another day, sun is out, birds are chirping.  So what’s a girl to do, but bake cupcakes.

I was invited to a party and wanted to offer something different then what I usually do.  Sure, there were other cupcakes there, but I’m proud to say they didn’t look as good as mine.  And I DON’T mean that in an evil, negative way.  Just an observation that presentation really is key.  This I always new, but to see it once again was a great reminder – hence wanting to learn how to pipe.  AND NO, all of mine were not superb, but the effort was well received and I appreciated that.

So I jump in the bakemobil and headed out to a few shops to gather some supplies.  After doing some research I learned the tips I wanted were 1M, 2A and 2D of which are pictured below.   I tossed them in the cart – ‘ting’, the tips bounced against the bar.

“That’s her!” a woman whispers in the aisle.

“Is she looking at cupcake supplies?” another voice quietly observes.

I figured I needed some bags, but came across a link mentioning using zip locks. “Now may not be the time to explore,” I mumbled to myself. Figured I needed to learn the correct methods before making stuff up.

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I made cinnamon rolls :)

Guys I am so excited because I made cinnamon rolls today – YES!  Are they the best you’ve ever seen?  Probably not LOL but that’s ok.  I’m still proud of my efforts 🙂


I wasn’t sure whose recipes to explore.  I’m also those people who for whatever stubborn reason lacks the interest of following instructions and enjoys breaking away to do my own thing – don’t ask why (…probably why you didn’t love it). Also, The Eagle doesn’t really care for cream cheese so I changed the glaze as well.

I was nervous the entire time.  Whenever I’m near bread/yeast, things go wrong LOL  If you read the previous blog about biscuits then you should remember me mentioning I tend to over kneed or simply destroy the dough.  OH – FYI, I’m going to practice biscuits sometime this week. Not only should you wish me luck, BUT also send out a bread prayer – just saying and thanks in advance!IMG_3104.JPG

I’m not posting the recipe either.  Not because I don’t want to share, but because I’m still working on it for it’s a mixture of a few.  Besides, it’s not 3 or 4 stars yet. The bread came out well, but I could have pulled it out of the oven few minuets sooner. It baked for 25-30 minuets at 350 degrees.  I should have taken it out the first time I checked on them 20-25 minuets in.  Luckily they were still soft.

For the icing I combined powered sugar, butter and VERY little cream cheese.  He actually enjoyed it – Shocking!

IMG_3106.JPG Over all, we were pleased.  They were yummy enough.  I ate two back to back and a third an hour later.  I was VERY proud of myself, but I know what’s great and I have ways to go, but that’s ok because I’m down for the ride. <eye wink>

Well, I just wanted to share.  And if there’s something you too are working on, you have my support 🙂


DAMN the french toast is good!

(Facebook repost)

OMG, log off and go to 26 Beach for their Apple-Cinnamon Croissant French Toast or whatever other fun varied creations they have.



YES we clearly dove in and didn’t have any interest in waiting just to take some photo.  Ok, fine, after we started eating I then thought to take a photo before it was too late LOL Seriously people, we were hungry and excited.

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Brownies from the Baby!



I’ve said it before and i’ll say it again, I absolutely love children in the kitchen.  Ok, fine I don’t like them when Im trying to complete something complicated, but until then, they are all welcomed.  The kitchen is still my favorite place and forever the heart of the home.  Therefor, all who are loved are welcomed.

Speaking of love, this little lovely stirred up a beautiful batch of brownies using her Little Bake Oven.  A baking queen in the making. <chuckle> Such a joy, right!  Her sister was the one practicing her cheesecakes with my mother over the summer.  Clearly there’s a little baking in all of us.

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A Fantasy with Flapjacks & Friends

The Quenab (trying it out) along with The B (that’s Bernard) finally visited Jacks & Joe near U.S.C. campus.  Their hours aren’t listed on their site for whatever reason, but I found out it’s 7-2pm M-F and 8-2pm Sa & Su.  It’s a (F.O.) spot Marvin and I tried to explore in the past, but the lines were so long we gave up and left.  I’m not waiting 45 minuets for a table.  However, that tells you how good the food must be!


Nabachwa and Bernard arrived first.  I was coming from class so I gave her my order selection prior to my arrival.  You know, so once I walked through the door everyone would start running to my table dropping down plates, cause that’s how we roll.  I already foresaw it.  They strolled in still wearing their sunglasses and quickly everyone stopped.  People started whispering, “Who’s that?” “Is that them?”  A deep voice spoke out, “YEAH, it’s us” Bernard yelled out with his chin raised slowly lowering back to his place of comfort.  Waitresses started frantically running around gathering chairs for them to sit on at their selected table.  “Please, Please – your autograph!” yelled a customer.  “NOT NOW” from a stranger in the distance.  “Water, juice, please what is it that you wish to have?” the waitress squeaks out trying not to drop her pencil and pad.  “Now, Now – no need to fear.  It’s just Bernard and I and we come to eat with good cheer” Nabachwa shares trying to calm down the girl.  Bernard places his order.  He goes for the Dakine Combo.  Hawaiian French Toast with vanilla butter, a side of eggs and Portuguese sausage.  Nabachwa ordered the 3 stack of pancakes topped with fresh berries.  For myself, I went for The Ruby.  Three stack as well, but smothered in baked apples and pecan sauce with brown sugar butter topped with powered sugar.  Oh and bacon on the side, pushing my bill from 8 to 13 bucks.


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