C is for Cookie & Cookie good 4 ME

Soooo LIKE cookies are fun and delicious and LIKE I freaking love them <chuckle>

Ok, so here’s the deal.  I’m not going to waste your time with some long drawn out  opening story about my mother as a child who has one leg and baked cookies at the age of 1 after having hand surgery, leaving her with 3 thumbs and 1 finger.  Instead, let us simply get to the point today.

Go check out De Luscious Cookies & Milk.  I took it upon myself to try their chocolate chip, oatmeal raison and I forgot the third one but it was chocolate with a chocolate gooey center with white powder/icing coating.  Oh – Chocolate Decadence!  Yes, that was it.  OMG they were YUMMY!  They are more of a pick-up or delivery company.  You know, parties, events, etc. I mean it is holiday season now.  I tried them for the first time back in 2010.  Nothing but smiles people ever since, nothing but smiles.

So while singing C is for cookie, lets go make some and pretend we’re De Luscious… <hmm> or more like Q-licious <big smile>


This particular photo is from a ‘cookie in a jar’ recipe that I remixed by adding 2 eggs, 3/4cp butter, 1/4cp of combined peanutbutter and chocolate morsals.  Baked at 350 for 12min.  AND OH MY GOSH – soft, delicious with a much better turn out.  Have you revamped any ‘cookie in a jar’ recipes?

Amenities (parking, location, seating, menu selections, etc) 
Customer Service (greeted, helpful, polite, checking-in, etc) 
Cleanliness ***
Experience (themed, music, atmosphere, energy, etc) ***
Taste ***

(My ratings for De Luscious Cookies & Milk are incomplete for my experiences have always been catered through events.  Therefor, I can not rate their amenities, price, etc.)