Eat’n Park Memories

Do you know what time it is midwest-east coast???

It’s Eat’n Park Christmas Star Commercial time

(and the crowd screams)

The Eagle and I actually took a trip to the Burgh to visit some folk and before making our way to the airport, guess where we stopped?  OMG how did you know?  You got it – Eat’n Park!


Oh how I remember the days of a child eating away and if lucky walking out with a little treat.  As I have gotten older, we would always go to Eat’n Park right before my road trip back to good ole Ohio.  It was ‘our thing’!   I tell ya, there’s nothing like cheap, pathetic, warm, restaurant chain food to put a smile on your face before a road trip. LOL

What all was on the menu for the day?  Well, I honestly don’t remember what The Eagle ordered, but I know I went for the buffet.  Now, lets pause for a sec.  You do understand what kind of place this is?  Think of such chains as Denny’s, Big Boy, IHOP, etc so lets not get our nose too high up in the air.  Bring it down some and enjoy the lower side of life <chuckle> You know, the common folk.  Besides, it makes you appreciate the really, really good stuff 🙂  Now, I had two plates LOL one consisted of mini waffles, eggs, potatoes while the second plate was compiled of grits, biscuits and gravy and yes, bread pudding OF WHICH I FREAKING LOVE!!!  How did it taste?  You know, average chain food.  Am I kicking and screaming to return soon?  No, but it’s a place I respect for what it is…cheap food.  So, I’ve learned to find a place in my heart for it 🙂

And speaking of things I love – THE SMILEY FACE COOKIES!!!  Anyone who’s anyone knows about the smiley face cookies.  And they know it’s almost tradition to purchase one or some on the way out.



<big sigh> Oh I see the commercial now so clear.  (sit back and close your eyes…ok well keep one eye open to keep reading I guess)  SO, it starts off with a plain christmas tree all alone.  Oh look, a little star all by his lonesome too, just bouncing about.  The star makes his way over trying to be apart of tree but can’t reach the top.  OK – OK here’s the Hallmark moment.  Wait for it, Wait for it.  The tree then bends over and helps the star get to the top of the tree then BAM! The tree lights up and becomes a beautifully lit Christmas tree THE END!  (go to youtube to watch if you feel left out)

Goodbye E’nP, it’s been a nice reunion.



Amenities (parking, location, seating, menu selections, etc) ***
Customer Service (greeted, helpful, polite, checking-in, etc) ***
Cleanliness ***
Experience (themed, music, atmosphere, energy, etc) *
Taste **
Price ***

Lets Get Waffled!

(Facebook repost)

My partner in eating crime, Nabachwa (the best friend) came into town 🙂  and therefore we decided to finally try The Waffle.  The Waffle is a little spot located in Hollywood that pretty much has an entire menu dedicated to waffles.  So as far as we were concerned, this was a great trip to make.

We dived right on in and ordered the Red Velvet, Applewood Bacon and Blueberry/Lemon Cured waffles.   Well, we were disappointed.  I felt there wasn’t much effort in them and that I could have done the same thing, if better at home. The pecan sauce was more like a thick clump of sugar and the blueberries were cold and hardly baked inside the batter.  I hate that!  We waited for a table for 10 years (fyi it wasn’t crowded) and our server hardly checked on us.  What I also noticed was a couple who was seated before us, but the server took our order first.  That sucked!  I felt bad for them.  They were so upset, which was understandable.

We wanted this experience to be magical with sparks of syrup all over the place and little kids dancing in the background pouring batter on themselves, while sexy men slowly cut each slice of waffle and fed us until we couldn’t eat anymore LOL Ok, Ok I went too far, but you get what I’m saying.  Instead it was a small brown and yellow restaurant with simple presentation, street parking, shifty customer service and dry waffles.

thewaffle - Version 2.jpg

However, there’s always a positive! The price was awesome, ambiance was fine and there’s in and outdoor seating options.  I can respect the varied flavors and concoctions of waffles.  Furthermore, you’re able to order half sizes rather than whole.  What does that mean?  It means instead of ordering one whole apple waffle, you can order half apple and a half berry STILL for the price of one – freaking awesome!  This is how I was able to sample the varied flavors.

Would I go back?  Ahhhhhhh… I don’t have to, I think I’m good.  However, I still would want you to go for the experience.  It may be better than mine, who knows!  And out of humor, I’d go back, but I’m not paying LOL not worth my money.

Amenities (parking, location, seating, menu selections, etc) ***
Customer Service (greeted, helpful, polite, checking-in, etc) *
Cleanliness ***
Experience (themed, music, atmosphere, energy, etc) *
Taste *
Price ***


Sugar for Breakfast!

(facebook repost)

Marvin (the boyfriend) and I took a trip to Las Vegas.  I forget why we were there.  I believe it was simply a ‘quality time’ vacation, however I do remember where we ate <chuckle> .  Well, you know because that’s important.

It was my idea to try out a new spot called Sugar Factory.  Can I tell you I love a themed restaurant!  Their focus was… SUGAR!  So we got ourselves together and made our way to this colorful place and was quickly seated.  It’s similar to Cracker Barrel with a merchandise store to first greet its costumers.  They sell varied treats from chocolates to specialty candies as well as novelty and fashion items.

So let’s get to the point of all this!  OMG – I LOVED IT!  I would go back there anytime (remind me to tell you about going back there again).  I enjoyed everything about it – the colors, the energy, menu, price, novelty items, set-up and the location.  People, I would recommend this place.  There are locations in New York, Chicago and Florida, but PLEASE confirm your location to see if it’s still open for business!  The location we visited was at Planet Hollywood located in Las Vegas, NV.

Marvin ordered the lovely Fruit Bowl paired with a generous slice of bread.  10157391_10203139459063050_2416621633954844514_n.jpg

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Waffles for ‘The People’

ALRIGHT – ALRIGHT!!!  So, it’s Saturday.  The sun is out.  It’s early and all of a sudden ‘The People’ have decided to come on over <sigh> Whelp – let’s make ’em waffles!

Pre-heat your waffle iron (turn it on) and place a mat, wax paper or paper towel underneath to catch any spills.

Now while the iron is getting hot allow me to quickly explain that just because it’s early doesn’t mean it is the only time to dish out some waffles.  I mean, there’s waffles for brunch, there’s waffles for lunch, there’s waffles for dinner and not cause I’m a sugar sinner!  <slow chuckle>  Try waffles with yogurt, try waffles with fruit, now let’s do these waffles for those who are a hoot!  (I’m on a roll people)


Don’t sleep on the additional sugar…

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My First Real Blog Post – Yippee!

MY FIRST REAL BLOG! (key word is real for I’ve been doing this for a while low-key on Facebook)  I found myself randomly taking pictures of my food, wanting to share my experiences and where I have visited.  So here we are, months later with the suggestions of Rodney & Roshada prompting me to go into this direction.  However, I must also offer gratitude to my mom, Tashara, James, Nabachwa, Bernard and John for being patient as I constantly bugged them about this journey.  xoxo

The purpose of this blog is to share my fun and crazy thoughts on what I love most – Breakfast, Baking and Desserts!  I mean, who doesn’t love this stuff!?!?  I’d give the shirt off my back for a dozen of Randy’s Doughnuts – wouldn’t you?  <happy sigh> As I was saying, I want this to be a fun place consisting of restaurant reviews, recipes, friendly stories, culinary history and whatever else comes to mind.

Also note I’m still learning some of the features.  So feel free to notify me if things are weird and thanks in advance.  Again, welcome and thanks for visiting my page.


Did you know it’s National Blueberry month?  Well, now you do.  Sooooo in celebration I decided to test out the mini waffles topped with a strawberry and blueberry compote from Le Village Buffet located in Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino.



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