Where Vegas meets Golden Girls for food

I absolutely enjoy the Peppermill. It is located north of the strip in Las Vegas, NV.  Why?  It’s where Vegas meets Golden Girls for food!  HA!  It gives me late night meets 80’s, meets 24hr service, meets group conversations, meets large plates, meets cheap enough eats all wrapped into one colorful, neon restaurant.  And yes that’s a pink tree below.  This is definitely that spot you go to after a club, bar or when folks are in town and need to supply your guest with variety of items at any time of the day.  Your menu selection ranges from quesadillas, American breakfast classics, salads, burgers to Italian-style chicken parmesan.  The service has always been pretty good and it always bring a chuckle to my spirit observing the staff wearing those horrible floral tops.  Oh!  Don’t forget about the strolling photographer who visits every table looking for guest to buy a souvenir Peppermill themed, framed photo.  Don’t worry the first small copy is free.

“Oh what to get this time?” I asked myself.

I forgot what my friend ordered LOL however I purchased the country fried steak and eggs with a side of hash browns.  I’ll say this, I rarely ever enjoy anyones hash browns for they’re always under seasoned of which I understand why, but jeez for once could they be doctored up and ready to go?


I enjoyed my meal and especially for what it was.  My steak offered enough flavor and wasn’t tough.  I’m a sucker for gravy, eggs were ordered scrambled-hard and I was with great company.  Can’t beat it!  Food is prepared well, service is good, lots of available parking and yes there can be long lines depending on the time or day of your visit.  This is no 4 star, upscale spot folks.  This is The Peppermill Restaurant, a great establishment offering good food at a reasonable cost since 1972.

What I did not include photo-wise was the Fireside bar-lounge in the other room.  It too offers colorful lighting and sofa seating that surrounds a fire pit.  There are televisions that display music videos and a counter for traditional bar seating.  I personally hang here while waiting for my table to become available.

Well, go check them out one day and tell me what you think.

Amenities ***
Customer Service **
Cleanliness ***
Experience ***
Taste **
Price **

The Kitchen in Hollywood

Kitchen 24 is located in Hollywood which was once a popular jazz hall owned by Shelly Manne in the 60’s.  Claiming to keep the eclectic, variety of music alive in both locations, it is safe to say you will come across a tune or two that you can enjoy while waiting and/or eating your meal.

So the Eagle and I thought to make a stop here, you know, something new.  I absolutely enjoyed the pink and brown colors of the bar stools, benches and counter of this upscale, 24 hour diner.  I’m sure an important spot for those who hit the bars and clubs and need a clean spot to eat during the late hours.

The Eagle ordered what could be his basic favorite, steak & eggs while I went with biscuits & gravy, which consisted of cheddar scallion biscuits topped with chicken gravy and pork sausage.  My selection was a little under $11.00.

“Hope you’re enjoying your food,” I mentioned.

As much as I absolutely LOVED its presentation, I must admit, my meal tasted a little different from what I was expecting.  I wasn’t crazy about the gravy.  It was to stiff and could have used a little more of it.  However, I do respect others takes on these classic dishes. What others may enjoy is their assorted menu ordering everything from fun sides like sweep potato fries to breakfast items, soups, salads and sandwiches.  Enough for everybody to experience something.  If out late in Hollywood, go check them out!

kitchen 24-jpeg.jpg

Amenities ***
Customer Service ***
Cleanliness ***
Experience ***
Taste **
Price **

Celebrating Black History Month – Los Angeles Black Businesses (Dinner Guide)

I Know, I know It’s Dinner!  

TOTALLY against my food rules, BUT…just this once.

Offering an updated 2018 guide to (B.O.) restaurants throughout Los Angeles, CA.


Pips on La Brea
1356 S. La Brea Ave., Los Angeles

Post and Beam
3767 Santa Rosalia Dr., Los Angeles

Hal’s Bar & Grill
1349 Abbott Kinney, Los Angeles

Xen Lounge
10628 Ventura Blvd., Studio City

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Celebrating Black History Month – Los Angeles Black Businesses (Breakfast Guide)

Offering an updated 2018 guide to (B.O.) Breakfast & Brunch spots throughout Los Angeles, CA.

Adassa’s Breakfast Cafe
4305 Degnan Blvd
 – Ste 103
Los Angeles, CA 90008

Cafe Buna
3105 Washington Blvd., Marina del Rey

3740 S. Crenshaw Blvd,
Los Angeles, CA 90016

Flavor Table, The
2812 W. Florence Ave.
Los Angeles, CA 90043

Jack’s Family Kitchen
3965 S Western Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90062

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Breakfast near LAX

(Facebook repost & update)

Flying in or out of Los Angeles?  Well, the Eagle got me hip to this spot near the airport called The Coffee Company.  I tried their Waffle of which was fine, but soon learned about their french toast of which I had to try.  However, for some reason when we returned, I forgot to get the french toast and ordered the waffle <frustrated sigh>.  Every time I walk out of this place and look over to another persons plate I say to myself, “DAGGIT, I was suppose to try the french toast this time!”  And this is when (J) would say, “LOSER” and as I would say, “I SUCK”.

The Coffee Company serves breakfast, lunch and dinner just so you know.  A nice spot!  I absolutely love the hanging flower pots out front.  Reminds me of my mother.  A great spot to hit up when taking someone to or arriving from the airport and in need of some good food.  As always the customer service is great, food arrives quickly and the prices are reasonable.

coffee comp.jpg

“OMG it’s them!”

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