Pineapples & Pancakes

(Facebook repost)

Alright, I have another one for ya!  The Eagle and I (the boyfriend) took a trip to try out this Pineapple Upside-Down Pancake.   These trips aren’t always planned, for sometimes the people call upon us.  Who are these people?  You know, the people.  The people reach out to us when in need of deciding where to eat.  It’s what we do…and I enjoy it.

We pull up, seems the lot knew we were in the neighborhood – parking was easy.  The Eagle steps out to adjust his sun-glasses.  “BEEP” the car locks.  “Head towards the green awning”, I yell out.  We worked our way to the door, confirming its entrance.

It’s bright and pleasant inside, I smile with approval.  The waitress guides us to our seat, seconds for waiting.  I suddenly hear chatter, “I think it’s her?”  I knew what they’re thinking.  The sounds take me back to Jacks n Joe‘s.

I place the order – DISHES CRASH!!!

“She ordered it,” a young girl whispers.

“You think she’ll like it?” another questions.

The Eagle wasn’t so sure so we opted to share yet ordered potatoes and eggs with a biscuit on the side.


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A Sabbath Stew while in Israel

My apologies for not posting yesterday on Sunday.  I guess my days are a little busier than I thought.

Well, It’s been a journey while here in Tel Aviv, a good one.   I woke up worried about breakfast – no electricity to be used.  Laid in bed for a second, a moment of thanks and gratitude, then off about my day.

T was my roommate while staying at Hotel Cinema – an Atlas Boutique Hotel.  She’s actually Jewish.  I thought, she must be ecstatic to have a sabbath while here on this land.

Anyways, I get out the bed.  I felt responsibility at my door.  “Let’s do it,” I tell myself trying to get pumped.  Another long day ahead and the people depend on me.  “<Sigh> what’s for breakfast,” I question out loud.  Clearly I’m speaking to myself for my roommate already left the room.

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Best Breakfast in Chicago :)

I love my Eagle so much.  (He’s the boyfriend remember)  Well, he took us to Chicago simply to dine at varied restaurants for my blog…ok fine and to also visit family.  We literally visited a new spot each day for every meal of the day <sigh of gratitude> HE’S AMAZING! (picture me smiling, doing turning paddle turns while tossing confetti)

First up was Batter & Berries.  This (B.O.) spot was and is a “must visit”.  Known for their french toast, I decided to order the ‘Flight of French Toast’ which is their sample platter offering four-five varied flavors such as (in photo order) Taffy Apple, Lemon Curd, Caramel Pecan, Strawberry and Blueberry.


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Sugar for Breakfast!

(facebook repost)

Marvin (the boyfriend) and I took a trip to Las Vegas.  I forget why we were there.  I believe it was simply a ‘quality time’ vacation, however I do remember where we ate <chuckle> .  Well, you know because that’s important.

It was my idea to try out a new spot called Sugar Factory.  Can I tell you I love a themed restaurant!  Their focus was… SUGAR!  So we got ourselves together and made our way to this colorful place and was quickly seated.  It’s similar to Cracker Barrel with a merchandise store to first greet its costumers.  They sell varied treats from chocolates to specialty candies as well as novelty and fashion items.

So let’s get to the point of all this!  OMG – I LOVED IT!  I would go back there anytime (remind me to tell you about going back there again).  I enjoyed everything about it – the colors, the energy, menu, price, novelty items, set-up and the location.  People, I would recommend this place.  There are locations in New York, Chicago and Florida, but PLEASE confirm your location to see if it’s still open for business!  The location we visited was at Planet Hollywood located in Las Vegas, NV.

Marvin ordered the lovely Fruit Bowl paired with a generous slice of bread.  10157391_10203139459063050_2416621633954844514_n.jpg

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