Gritz in Vegas

Finally made it to another spot while in Vegas called Gritz Cafe.  Known for their grits or gritz I should say, this restaurant is a soul food establishment who prides themselves on bringing southern cuisine to the west.  Welp, time to check them out.gritz cafe-jpeg

The Eagle wasn’t in the mood for breakfast for it was past “breakfast hours”…for whatever that means.  He leaned towards dinner options such as their macaroni and cheese, greens and country fried steak.  I was super-duper shocked he ordered the steak for I never see him request that item…EVER!

As for myself I entertained their chicken and waffles with of course a side of grits and scrambled eggs.  As for the chicken and waffle, the taste didn’t blow me away, particulary the chicken, but it was still fine.  I absolutley LOVE classic waffles and believe they can never go wrong.  Soft, warm and with just a hint of butter – YUM!   Everything came out nice and hot and was excited to try out my grits.  Now, as mentioned before, I have yet eaten anyones chicken and waffles that are just as good or better than Roscoes, but keep in mind, that’s their specialty.  In regard to the grits, they were good.  Nice and soft as they should be.

(sidebar: years and years and years ago, I overcooked a pot of rice and it literally turned into a pot of grits.  The funny part was, was that I decided to eat them as grits while everyone laughed at me lol)

The price for my order I believe was fine at $14 plus a side of eggs at $1 per additional egg.  Much cheaper than Roscoe’s, however Roscoes offers TWO classic size waffles AND are located in a larger city.  Things to take into consideration.

Over all the customer service here was great.  I found it a little…interesting that they serve their food on disposable plates, but hey, I get it.  Most people want to take their scraps home anyway so why not beat them to the punch.  I respect that!  There’s available parking, clean environment, good energy, good food and glad I made it out.

Amenities ***
Customer Service ***
Cleanliness ***
Experience ***
Taste **
Price ***




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