Where Vegas meets Golden Girls for food

I absolutely enjoy the Peppermill. It is located north of the strip in Las Vegas, NV.  Why?  It’s where Vegas meets Golden Girls for food!  HA!  It gives me late night meets 80’s, meets 24hr service, meets group conversations, meets large plates, meets cheap enough eats all wrapped into one colorful, neon restaurant.  And yes that’s a pink tree below.  This is definitely that spot you go to after a club, bar or when folks are in town and need to supply your guest with variety of items at any time of the day.  Your menu selection ranges from quesadillas, American breakfast classics, salads, burgers to Italian-style chicken parmesan.  The service has always been pretty good and it always bring a chuckle to my spirit observing the staff wearing those horrible floral tops.  Oh!  Don’t forget about the strolling photographer who visits every table looking for guest to buy a souvenir Peppermill themed, framed photo.  Don’t worry the first small copy is free.

“Oh what to get this time?” I asked myself.

I forgot what my friend ordered LOL however I purchased the country fried steak and eggs with a side of hash browns.  I’ll say this, I rarely ever enjoy anyones hash browns for they’re always under seasoned of which I understand why, but jeez for once could they be doctored up and ready to go?


I enjoyed my meal and especially for what it was.  My steak offered enough flavor and wasn’t tough.  I’m a sucker for gravy, eggs were ordered scrambled-hard and I was with great company.  Can’t beat it!  Food is prepared well, service is good, lots of available parking and yes there can be long lines depending on the time or day of your visit.  This is no 4 star, upscale spot folks.  This is The Peppermill Restaurant, a great establishment offering good food at a reasonable cost since 1972.

What I did not include photo-wise was the Fireside bar-lounge in the other room.  It too offers colorful lighting and sofa seating that surrounds a fire pit.  There are televisions that display music videos and a counter for traditional bar seating.  I personally hang here while waiting for my table to become available.

Well, go check them out one day and tell me what you think.

Amenities ***
Customer Service **
Cleanliness ***
Experience ***
Taste **
Price **

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