The Hill of Berrys

Blueberry Hill, the hill of berry’s <LOL>.  And this berry hill made The Eagle and myself SICK!  While seeking breakfast I came across this place while searching online and they seemed to have good traffic and reasonable reviews.  I went with the simple French Toast, which I thought would be safe.

“Are you enjoying your meal?”

Deep down I believe he’s sick of me always asking <LOL>.  I’m just always trying to find ways of creating a good experience and figuring what I can do to enhance it.  However, yes, I can see how it can become annoying, BUT it’s who I am.

My food was fine, nothing much to scream about, just simple.  The bread was warm and soft, but there wasn’t much excitement to the batter.  Just another french toast.

blueberry hill-jpeg

Blueberry Hill has four locations throughout Las Vegas.  Over all they serve average food with average service and prices.  Think of it as a step up from Dennys or IHOP yet similar to Eat N Park.  The lines can be long and just like Eat N Park there’s a counter display of plenty of baked goods to take along the ride home.  In general, if ever in need of a simple place to eat off the strip that accommodates the entire family, this could be your place.

Now, here we are about an hour or so later and I’m starting to not feel so great.  Yup…upset stomach and we all know what that means.  Interestingly enough The Eagle started to not feel well.  Note, he ordered steak and eggs with toast on the side.  Needless to say we both promised to never return.

“Maybe it was the cook of the day,” I tried to consider. You know, maybe the cook was off his a-game and we just happened to be the victims of it.  He didn’t care what the reason, he just knew there was no going back.

The humor behind this is that months later I went back with another buddy of mine who came into town. I ordered a waffle thinking things would be different.  Well, as one would expect, I became sick yet AGAIN <LOL> AND SO DID MY FRIEND <LMBO>!!!   I think it’s safe to say none of us will EVER return and therefore want off this berry hill.

Amenities ***
Customer Service **
Cleanliness ***
Experience *
Taste *
Price **

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