The Kitchen in Hollywood

Kitchen 24 is located in Hollywood which was once a popular jazz hall owned by Shelly Manne in the 60’s.  Claiming to keep the eclectic, variety of music alive in both locations, it is safe to say you will come across a tune or two that you can enjoy while waiting and/or eating your meal.

So the Eagle and I thought to make a stop here, you know, something new.  I absolutely enjoyed the pink and brown colors of the bar stools, benches and counter of this upscale, 24 hour diner.  I’m sure an important spot for those who hit the bars and clubs and need a clean spot to eat during the late hours.

The Eagle ordered what could be his basic favorite, steak & eggs while I went with biscuits & gravy, which consisted of cheddar scallion biscuits topped with chicken gravy and pork sausage.  My selection was a little under $11.00.

“Hope you’re enjoying your food,” I mentioned.

As much as I absolutely LOVED its presentation, I must admit, my meal tasted a little different from what I was expecting.  I wasn’t crazy about the gravy.  It was to stiff and could have used a little more of it.  However, I do respect others takes on these classic dishes. What others may enjoy is their assorted menu ordering everything from fun sides like sweep potato fries to breakfast items, soups, salads and sandwiches.  Enough for everybody to experience something.  If out late in Hollywood, go check them out!

kitchen 24-jpeg.jpg

Amenities ***
Customer Service ***
Cleanliness ***
Experience ***
Taste **
Price **

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