Breakfast near LAX

(Facebook repost & update)

Flying in or out of Los Angeles?  Well, the Eagle got me hip to this spot near the airport called The Coffee Company.  I tried their Waffle of which was fine, but soon learned about their french toast of which I had to try.  However, for some reason when we returned, I forgot to get the french toast and ordered the waffle <frustrated sigh>.  Every time I walk out of this place and look over to another persons plate I say to myself, “DAGGIT, I was suppose to try the french toast this time!”  And this is when (J) would say, “LOSER” and as I would say, “I SUCK”.

The Coffee Company serves breakfast, lunch and dinner just so you know.  A nice spot!  I absolutely love the hanging flower pots out front.  Reminds me of my mother.  A great spot to hit up when taking someone to or arriving from the airport and in need of some good food.  As always the customer service is great, food arrives quickly and the prices are reasonable.

coffee comp.jpg

“OMG it’s them!”

Sometimes I love the attention, while other days it can be a bit much.  I mean, I understand why they love us, we are…

The Dynamic Duo of Delectable Delights

“Ma’am, yes, can I order, I mean, can I take your order?” The young, nervous waiter stumbled at our table.  “Would you like the waffle again?”

Mistakenly I took on the Waffle topped with fresh fruit and cream, accompanied by scrambled eggs and bacon.


Am I an idiot because I for some stupid reason I forgot to get the FREAKING french toast?


As for my partner in food crime, her taste buds lead her to the very delicious Mideast Feast.  This popular plate includes hummus, Mediterranean salad, grilled chicken breast and piping hot pita bread.  We both enjoyed our food however, I think she enjoyed hers more than mine.

Fast forward to the present.  Here we are possibly a year later and guess who ordered The French Toast?  That’s right people, THIS PERSON!  (M) accompanied me for our New Years (birthday) and I must say I really enjoyed my meal.  The texture of the toast was soft, it was hot and had a nice amount of powdered sugar to sit atop of your mouth.  I also appreciate them not dumping pounds of butter on my food, forcing me to scrape the 12 pounds of butter off my food.


“Is there anything else we can do?” the server asked.

“No thank you, I’ve finally achieved my goal here,” spoken with a smile.

I don’t see myself visiting for a while, no need to, but I hope you try them out if ever in town.


Amenities (parking, location, seating, menu selections, etc) ***
Customer Service (greeted, helpful, polite, checking-in, etc) ***
Cleanliness ***
Experience (themed, music, atmosphere, energy, etc) ***
Taste **
Price **

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