I just don’t understand.  I mean, I just really don’t.  I’ve gone to so many breakfast places here in Vegas and none of them seem capable of offering something painfully delicious.  Clearly I am on the wrong road of breakfast foods.  <sigh>  I just thought, besides going to the over priced spots, I could find that fun, mom and pop spot that all the locals know about and the food is always good.  WELL, haven’t found it…which is very sad.

(M) wanted to go Babystacks, a place that was on my foodie list.  Here’s the deal, I already went, but forgot lol.  (S) and I went two months ago and it was just ok.  I was not impressed with anything and clearly the memory of the establishment was a blur.

We walk towards the building.  “I’m so excited, can’t wait to try the french toast” I share with (S).

She agrees with a huge smile and begins listing her pancake options.

“Oh, she’s here!” someone shares across the table.

I ordered the Cookie Butter French Toast.  It’s served with fresh whipped cream, drizzled Nutella of which I confirmed I dislike, pie crust pieces and powered sugar for $9.50.  You know I had to order scrambled eggs and bacon.  Well, did it look beautiful?  Sure, nice presentation, but that was about it.  It was bland, offering no excitement in my mouth at all.  It taste as if it needed moisture – cueing cup of syrup.

(S) enjoyed her pancakes and wanted to return to try another flavor.  I shrugged my shoulders with a ‘I guess’ feeling.  I should have tried some of hers, but oh well.  She ordered Carrot Cake Pancakes.  Served with cream cheese syrup and topped with pecans.  I think I didn’t bother because they simply looked like pancakes with syrup on the side and pecans dumped on top.

I mean, where’s the creativity and thought here people?

Where are the dices of carrots laying inside the batter mixed with pecans, infused with cream cheese while offering a cream cheese flavored syrup on the side if you needed an additional smack in the mouth?

Is anyone feeling me?  <HUGE SIGH> Falls on table, face down in food, arms open allowing hands to dangle from both ends of the table.

“Is she ok”? young kid questions.

An older lady responds, “She’s just having a hard time with her food.  She’ll be ok.”

baby stacks-jpeg

Fast forward to the present time – now and this time I took (M) out for breakfast.  As we pull up something seems weird.  I think to myself, “I’ve already tried this place, oh boy”.  I didn’t want to say anything to (M) because she, well we, thought this was our first time experiencing Babystacks together and I didn’t want to kill the breakfast buzz.

We walk in.

“OMG that’s her, she’s back.  She had the melt down in her food remember?” the waitress whispered.

(M) ended up with the Chocolate Chip Pancakes.  She was so excited and added strawberries to her order.  I respect that.  Also dusted with powered sugar, it included whipped cream and of course chocolate chips.  She was pleased and was only able to get through half of her plate.

Confused on what to order for myself, for some dumb reason I ordered the Honey Toast for $8.50.  This is their basic french toast.  Two pieces of thick sliced honey toast dipped in a farm fresh egg wash, dusted with powdered sugar then drizzled with sweet honey.  It’s then topped with fresh whipped cream and cinnamon.  Was it yummy?  No, it was again bland.  It lacked taste, but are we surprised?  I’m not.  I also had the greedy nerve to order the Blueberry Pancakes.  YES!  I ate both plates with ease, which means there’s something wrong with me.  These pancakes had blueberries mixed inside the batter and on top, finished with a dust of powered sugar.   The full stack of six cost $7.75 and the short stack of three cost $4.95.  NOW.  Knowing my french toast was just ok, I was surprised the pancakes were a better option and would suggest those if you have to eat here.  However…(cueing in drumroll and moment of disbelief) By the time I got halfway through my pancakes I kept tasting flour or something weird in my mouth.  I soon learned that my pancakes were still raw.  CAN YOU BELIEVE IT?



Amenities (parking, location, seating, menu selections, etc) ***
Customer Service (greeted, helpful, polite, checking-in, etc) ***
Cleanliness ***
Experience (themed, music, atmosphere, energy, etc) **
Taste *
Price ***

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