A morning of cinnamon rolls

So I decided to get up and go to church, followed by treating myself to breakfast afterwards.  I looked up some breakfast spots nearby and came across Biscuit Cafe in Las Vegas.  Keep in mind I already researched this spot days ago…because that’s what I do.  Remember, I always prefer to read the menu in advance.

I drove and drove wondering if the trip was wroth it.  “Jeeze, how far is this spot?” I kept asking myself.  Enjoying the breeze, music playing, all while giving head nods of acceptance to the other drivers.  Parked, that was easy.  The people seemed nice, very clean and no wait at all – great yet odd for a Sunday.  Usually I have my posse or The Eagle, but this rodeo was done all alone.  I walk inside.  “OMG she’s here in Vegas,” a voice yells out.  Little do they know, I’ve lived here for a while.  I just travel a lot.  The surroundings, typical booths and silver rounded back chairs pushed up at the tables, nothing fancy.  I tried not to get distracted by the artificial cinnamon rolls at the front counter, but they caught my attention.


I ordered the Cinnamon Roll French Toast Combo, accompanied by scrambled eggs and bacon.  It ran me about $12.00.  Two slices of bread, moist and tasty.  Served with syrup and like many restaurants, too much butter of which I usually scrape off to the side.  I appreciated the bacon for it wasn’t that super thin cheap tasteless bacon.  This actually had some weight to it.  The meal was good.


“Did you enjoy your meal?” the waitress asked.  The people know I enjoy going around trying new places to eat.  Who are these people?  You know, The People!  “Yes”, I responded with a smile.  I actually wish to return to try their other fun flavors such as their Almond Crust French Toast.  HOWEVER, nobody has taken the titles from Jack N Joe, 26 And Beach and The Griddle – sorry guys!IMG_3212.jpg

So just when I thought the cinnamon roll french toast was enough – nope my pathetic brain told me to order a regular cinnamon roll to go <sigh> Just kill me already.  AND I made some weeks ago at home.  I mean, what am I training for, ‘who can eat the most sweets in one day, month or week?’  As long as I’m brushing, drinking water and working out I’ll be ok.  (rolling eyes at self)  Actually people, I pretty much alternate cream of wheat and oatmeal on a regular. NEVERTHELESS DURING SOME WEEKENDS…I can’t really share what goes on during those times <eye wink>IMG_3216.JPG

So here’s the deal.  I didn’t really enjoy the cinnamon roll I ordered to go.  A waste of $4.00 and a ‘fall off the wagon’ opportunity.  All that to say, if you’re going to cheat, it should be GOOD!  And this wasn’t (bitter face).  “What is this crap!?” I begin to fuss in the car.  I couldn’t wait to try it, but now regretted making the additional purchase.  The bread itself was fine, but I scraped off the icing once I got home (SO GIVING MR YUCK FACE).  But you know I still ate it (smirk)

Amenities (parking, location, seating, menu selections, etc) ***
Customer Service (greeted, helpful, polite, checking-in, etc) ***
Cleanliness ***
Experience (themed, music, atmosphere, energy, etc) ***
Taste *** (but for the cinnamon roll *)
Price ***

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