Chocolate Chip Cookies

It’s Memorial Day – Weekend and I must first salute my uncle and grandfather ūüôā I thank them for their service XOXO

Well, speaking of being thankful, at work, ‘the men’ decided to pull out some grills at the employee entrance to¬†show off their BBQ¬†skills – what a joy! ¬†For the rest of us, we followed through with bringing sides and/or desserts. ¬†What did I bring? ¬†Chocolate Chip Cookies ūüôā

I must admit I am very disappointed at myself for not creating something theme related. It was a long day, but am glad I was still able to contribute.  It was a wonderful time, bonding over food.


Well blog friends, I hate to cut this short, but I must run. ¬†Need to get to work and can’t chat long. ¬†I’ll post this whenever I can. ¬†Have a wonderful – wonderful weekend and be safe. ūüć™


It’s 3am and I’m FINALLY HOME <sigh> Felt bad for not leaving a cookie recipe so here you go…



1 cp (2 sticks) soft butter

3/4 cp packed brown sugar

3/4 cp granulated sugar

2 eggs

1 tsp baking soda

1 tsp hot water

1 1/4 all-purpose flour

1 cup of oat flour

1 tsp salt

1 – 1/2 cp chocolate chips

1 tsp vanilla extract

  • Preheat oven to 375 degrees
  • Mix first four ingredients
  • Mix the following two items then add to cream mixture
  • Stir in¬†the remaining¬†ingredients
  • Scoop out little balls with spoon and place on cookie/baking sheet
  • Place in fridge for 15 minuets
  • Place cookie sheet in oven for about 10 minuets. ¬†(Pull out a couple minuets sooner depending on color or texture preference)



Little spot on Crenshaw

(Facebook repost)

As a Firefighter, The Eagle has toured¬†this town longer than I have so he knows of a few places here and there. ¬†If you’re at the corner of Crenshaw and Manchester¬†in Inglewood, you should¬†stop pass this little spot called Moby’s Coffee Shop.

As usual we pull up to find street parking out front.  Always great service, this tiny room sits across from Biglots with two large windows to choose from if trying to look outside.

“How’s it going?” the waitress ask. ¬†She’s actually speaking to The Eagle. ¬†Clearly they don’t know about the Delectable Delights <chuckle>

We order. ¬†I tend to only get their french toast because the pancakes don’t offer much taste. ¬†The Eagle¬†is more of a grits or rice person with a side of eggs. ¬†He leaves the sweet tastier starches for¬†me. ¬†I take a bite, “cool” I say with approval. ¬†My selections are always accompanied by scrambled eggs and bacon. ¬†What I enjoy is the powdered sugar across the soft bread and butter served in mini cups. ¬†“Who uses so much butter?” I always shockingly ask. ¬†I CAN NOT¬†stand huge gobs of butter all over my food, don’t find it necessary and it’s such a waste. ¬†“Maybe I could start telling them to only bring half the amount of butter,” I suggest at the table. ¬†This topic seems to always concern me, not that Moby’s offered a lot, just conversing.


I now feel story time is upon us. ¬†The Eagle starts, “I remember this little old lady cooking up everything by¬†herself, man she was cool”. ¬†He smiles with joy every time he shares his memories. ¬†I try to imagine it with him while interrupted by the waitress asking if everything is ok with their service. ¬† I smile to the both of them.

Besides the food, what is always interesting is that it is operated by Asians, but have taken the time to cater to their African-American clientele. ¬†What do I mean? ¬†Sometimes I sit and chuckle while viewing all the black art/photos on the walls. ¬†Does it bother me? ¬†No, not at all! ¬†However, I can’t help noticing it and the combination makes me laugh. ¬†I truly respect it and understand. ¬†I simply appreciate any business that is sensitive to their guest.

Over all the food is decent, but the prices are great.  If in a hurry you can call in your order for pick-up.  Open for years, this (F.O.) restaurant is much appreciated and offers great customer service every time.

Amenities (parking, location, seating, menu selections, etc) **
Customer Service (greeted, helpful, polite, checking-in, etc) ***
Cleanliness ***
Experience (themed, music, atmosphere, energy, etc) ***
Taste **
Price ***

A morning of cinnamon rolls

So I decided to get up and go to church, followed¬†by treating myself to breakfast afterwards. ¬†I looked up some breakfast spots nearby and came across Biscuit Cafe in Las Vegas. ¬†Keep in mind I already researched this spot days ago…because that’s what I do. ¬†Remember, I always prefer to read the menu in advance.

I drove and drove wondering if the trip was wroth it. ¬†“Jeeze, how far is this spot?” I kept asking myself. ¬†Enjoying the breeze, music playing, all while giving head nods of acceptance to the other drivers. ¬†Parked, that was easy. ¬†The people seemed nice, very clean and no wait at all – great yet odd for a Sunday. ¬†Usually I have my posse or The Eagle, but this rodeo was done all alone. ¬†I walk inside. ¬†“OMG she’s here in Vegas,” a voice yells out. ¬†Little do they know, I’ve lived¬†here for a while. ¬†I just travel a lot. ¬†The surroundings, typical booths and silver¬†rounded back chairs pushed up at the tables, nothing fancy. ¬†I tried not to get distracted by the artificial¬†cinnamon rolls at the front counter, but they caught my attention.


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Learning to pipe


And you can do it too!

It’s another day, sun is out, birds are chirping. ¬†So what’s a girl to do, but bake cupcakes.

I was invited to a party and wanted to offer¬†something different then what I usually do. ¬†Sure, there were other cupcakes there, but I’m proud to say they didn’t look as good as mine. ¬†And I DON’T¬†mean that in an evil, negative way. ¬†Just an observation that presentation really is key. ¬†This I always new, but to see it once again was a great reminder¬†– hence wanting to learn how to pipe. ¬†AND NO, all of mine were not superb, but the effort was well received and I appreciated that.

So I jump in the bakemobil¬†and headed out to a few shops to gather some supplies. ¬†After doing some research I learned the tips I wanted were 1M, 2A and 2D of which are pictured below. ¬† I tossed them in the cart – ‘ting’, the tips bounced against the bar.

“That’s her!” a woman whispers in the aisle.

“Is she looking at cupcake supplies?” another voice quietly observes.

I figured I needed some bags, but came across a link mentioning using zip locks. “Now may not be the time to explore,” I mumbled to myself. Figured I needed to learn the correct methods before making stuff up.

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