Pineapples & Pancakes

(Facebook repost)

Alright, I have another one for ya!  The Eagle and I (the boyfriend) took a trip to try out this Pineapple Upside-Down Pancake.   These trips aren’t always planned, for sometimes the people call upon us.  Who are these people?  You know, the people.  The people reach out to us when in need of deciding where to eat.  It’s what we do…and I enjoy it.

We pull up, seems the lot knew we were in the neighborhood – parking was easy.  The Eagle steps out to adjust his sun-glasses.  “BEEP” the car locks.  “Head towards the green awning”, I yell out.  We worked our way to the door, confirming its entrance.

It’s bright and pleasant inside, I smile with approval.  The waitress guides us to our seat, seconds for waiting.  I suddenly hear chatter, “I think it’s her?”  I knew what they’re thinking.  The sounds take me back to Jacks n Joe‘s.

I place the order – DISHES CRASH!!!

“She ordered it,” a young girl whispers.

“You think she’ll like it?” another questions.

The Eagle wasn’t so sure so we opted to share yet ordered potatoes and eggs with a biscuit on the side.


The order arrives.  It’s an extremely thick, sweet, warm, buttery, yummy, breakfast item – or dessert!  Not served with syrup for it is already sweet enough.  How so?  Well, it’s jam-packed with caramelized pineapple chunks, then topped with salted caramel butter and powered sugar.  I was thankful for my water for this was definitely a sugar load.  The Eagle too gave his nod of appreciation.  I felt eyes lifting to witness our approval.

Can you eat it alone?  Not really, well…maybe.  Usually I don’t share because I can eat a lot and if it’s really good I simply want it all to myself.  However, THIS pancake IS sharable.  Order it with someone, but consider your own sides.  Be patient for you’ll need to give them 15-20 minuets to prepared this candied dough, but I believe it’s worth the wait.  I used my time to scout out the place, make jokes at the table and sign autographs.

“My child loves you!” a women screamed out.

“Now – Now Ma’am,” I calmly respond back.  “Thank you, I love her too.”


Don’t worry, time will fly once you and your company stir up some good conversation and if you’re alone, people watch.

It was time to depart. We grabbed our things concluding our experience.  The customer service was good and note you’re going to spend about $12 for the pancake.  It’s thick.  Therefor, you’re more than likely taking the pancake home with you if you order your own.  Consider it as 12 bucks for two meals.  Overall, I enjoyed my company, our waitress and THANK GOD our location was at a mall which meant open parking.  Look up Marmalade Cafe‘s website for there are multiple locations.  Till then, I’ll see ya next Sunday!

Amenities (parking, location, seating, menu selections, etc) ***
Customer Service (greeted, helpful, polite, checking-in, etc) ***
Cleanliness ***
Experience (themed, music, atmosphere, energy, etc) ***
Taste **
Price ***

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