Celebrating Black History Month…with ice cream

kens.jpg(photo credit: Ken’s Ice Cream Parlor)

African-American Augustus Jackson, known as, “The Father of Ice cream” did not invent ice cream, but enhanced methods of manufacturing ice cream around 1832.

Born April 16, 1808, African-American Augustus Jackson started working as a servant in the White House at the age of 12.  He worked his way up the ranks to soon become one of the top chefs.   After moving back to Philadelphia, the former White House Chef became a  candy confectioner and started a prosperous catering business.  Along with making candy, Augustus also created multiple flavors of ice cream distributing them to other venders/parlors throughout the city, but unfortunately never patented any of his work.  However, Pittsburgh resident, Alfred Cralle did have his invention patented in 1897, which happened to be the ice cream mold.  What’s my connection of interest?  I too am a native of Pennsylvania  🙂


As mentioned, Augustus’ “enhanced methods of manufacturing ice cream” was his claim to fame in 1832 by cleverly mixing salt with ice to lower and maintain the temperature of his notable mixture of ingredients.


Serving his ice cream in tin cans, he offered favorable flavors such as strawberry, vanilla and mint.  His ice cream sold for the high price of $1.00 a quart and over time gained great wealth earning the reputation of serving the best ice cream in Philly.

Mr. Jackson’s shop was located on Goodwater Street, now known as St. James Street.  Upon his death he left his fortune and business to his daughter who kept it up as long as she could.  The shop eventually moved to Walnut street, but as time passed the family could not keep up with the demands of the business and soon others began learning how to create the sweet treat themselves.

943e6a363bb2cd0d77e75d95ecf55fd3.jpg(Photo Credit: 1940 photo by Marion Post Wolcott, New York Public Library of a woman buying ice cream for kids)

As for myself, I too have an appreciation for ice cream – I mean who doesn’t?  With so many flavors and approaches as to how to enjoy ice cream, the possibilities are endless.  My favorite flavors happen to be strawberry, oreo, cookies and cream, vanilla, banana, mint chocolate chip, butter pecan – OK YOU KNOW WHAT FORGET IT!  CLEARLY, I like a lot of flavors for multiple reasons LOL So what are yours and what fabulous concoctions have you created?



Dream Cream Ice Cream (Pittsburgh, PA)

Jamz (Inglewood, CA)

Ken’s Ice Cream Parlor (Carson, CA)

Goodies Frozen Custard & Treats (Oxon Hill, MD)

Shawn Michelle’s Homemade Ice Cream (Chicago, IL)

Taharka Brothers (Virginia, Washington D.C., Maryland)

Brooklyn Bell (Brooklyn, NY)

Brooklyn Swirl (Brooklyn, NY)

Hanks Ice Cream Palor (Houston, TX)

Mikey Likes It Ice Cream (New York, NY)

Miyako Ice Cream (San Francisco, CA)

ZBerry (Chicago, IL)



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