DAMN the french toast is good!

(Facebook repost)

OMG, log off and go to 26 Beach for their Apple-Cinnamon Croissant French Toast or whatever other fun varied creations they have.



YES we clearly dove in and didn’t have any interest in waiting just to take some photo.  Ok, fine, after we started eating I then thought to take a photo before it was too late LOL Seriously people, we were hungry and excited.

Can we first say I LOVE CROISSANTS.  SECOND, freaking pecan sauce ran over my toast – how dare they!  Ah, I am thankful it did.  Third, I love the aroma and taste of baked apples combined with the salty flavor of crispy bacon.   OMG – OMG – OMG!!!  The Eagle went with The Peach Melba French Toast served with caramelized peaches, vanilla ice-cream and melba sauce.  AND YEEEESSSSS we loved everything about this experience, ok fine experiences because we clearly have gone back more than once, twice, FINE ok so I’ve gone back a few times AND YOU SHOULD TOO!!!

What does it look like inside?   I know, like I said I wasn’t doing those kind of pics.  Well, as you pull up to the curb and park you will enter inside and notice a two in one split style restaurant.  What does that mean?  Once you check-in at the counter located directly at the entrance, to your left offers an eclectic indoor – outdoor area.  Brick accent walls are surrounded by paintings, white-painted wood and bird themed, girly dust collectors.  The tables are dressed with white cloth topped with glass.  Mixed match chairs fill in the space and don’t forget about the feminine patio umbrella.

The right side of the restaurant gives you the typical cute I’m in LA while eating brunch atmosphere.  I think it’s great because depending on your mood, you have two eating options to compliment the feel of the day.  Black booths, windows, clean, more minimal than the other side, you get the idea.

The menu offers a variety of different cuisines for breakfast, lunch and dinner.  Our selected items cost us about $13 per plate, not including sides.  A little costly, but worth the money.  And I’ll be honest, I’ve never eaten there for any other meal besides breakfast and brunch.  However, my friends have and they seem to always enjoy their meals.  And the website is always promoting their burgers so sure, go check it out.  For myself – I’m sticking to what I love.

All that to say – 2016 and past – nothing to more to say – FRENCH TOAST – blog has ended – breakfast – WHY are you still reading this – PECAN SAUCE – I tell everyone about this place – started eating before I could take a pic – Marvin takes me often – Got DAMN them – inside offers two seating styles, outside patio (left) inside restaurant (right) – get into it – REVIEW THE MENU – licking fingers – lots of french toast VARIATIONS – MAKING OUT WITH FORK – ‘velka’ is fork in Russian, random fact – EAT your life AWAY – I make out with breakfast items often…

DROPS Keyboard! (headed to 26 Beach)

Amenities (parking, location, seating, menu selections, etc) ***
Customer Service (greeted, helpful, polite, checking-in, etc) ***
Cleanliness ***
Experience (themed, music, atmosphere, energy, etc) ***
Taste ***
Price **

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