Diving For Food!

So there’s this place called Tart over on Fairfax if ever in Hollywood.  It’s a restaurant attached to a colorful, cool, LA vibe hotel.  Jenise told us about it and so we all made the trip.


Talk about a photographers heaven…for me anyway.  The door to the right leads you into the hotel lobby.  This entrance I’ve captured is the door on the left, the restaurant.  As you enter it becomes a little dark.  There’s a bar with additional table seating placed around the room.  As you follow the path of curiosity to the right, it quickly leads you to their outdoor seating. This is located central of the hotel and restaurant.

IMG_1132.JPGBesides the check-in counter, the hotel entrance has a tiny boutique, large coffee table with art decor inspiration books and appropriate themed dust collectors representing farming or gardening.  The doors to the left lead you to the outdoor eating area as mentioned above.  Directly to the right was their little swimming pool with yellow rubber duckies preparing to outline the water.IMG_1139.JPG



“Where to sit?” was the question of the moment.  So many choices.  For us, simply a party of three, we really didn’t need the horse shoe of benches topped with black and white pillows and large coffee table to hold everyone’s plates.   Maybe next time.


This is where we ended up sitting.  I personally LOVE brick, bold colors and plants – PURE FUTURE HOME HEAVEN! (had to wait for the people to leave to take a cleaner pic <chuckle>)


Those doors lead you inside the restaurant and bar.IMG_1135.jpg





and more scenery.

My mother would love it here.





Greeted with an adorable waitress, she passed out menus and silverware wrapped in white towels, took our drink orders and played along with our jokes.


Time to order – let’s do it!  Marvin and I already reviewed the menu the night before.  You know, cause that’s what I do.  No time for surprises and hidden information.  Besides, preparation is key and I already know I tend to be those people at the table who take all week deciding what the best selection should be.  I usually go last, however… BAM – I started us off.


“I’ll take the french toast,” I decided on it last night.  I ordered in confidence as if I’ve been there before allowing the LA breeze run across my face.  Keep in mind I did make a face at the cost being $14 when I just ate at Jacks for half the price.  AND THAT FOOD WAS GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!  So am I being cheap?  HELLO – NO, but in my head I am thinking this better be good.  Look at me, already hating <LOL>  Unfortunately, we have to remember usually we’re paying for ambiance rather than taste.  Note, the spot IS cute.


Jenise got the Crispy Pork Belly Hash with caramelized onions, red bell peppers, home fries, tobacco and two eggs any style .  Marvin went with the Beer Braised Shrimp and Grits running him $17.00.  It included andouille sausage, okra, maque choux and a sunny side up egg.  FYI, I’ve learned or confirmed I DO NOT like andouille sausage – YUCK!!!


Well how did it taste?  OMG so many questions, I’m getting there.  Well, I hate to say it, but it was just good.  Meaning what?  Meaning, I’d return to 26, Jacks or Blu in a heart beat for their french toast before I come back here.  Yes, yes, yes, it was soft, buttery, fresh and BEAUTIFULLY plated, I mean HELLO, did you see those pics?!?!?   Nevertheless, it was missing that wow factor.  That, “OMG YOU HAVE TO TRY THIS!”  Now the others enjoyed their food and those grits and shrimp were doing their thang.  Was it nasty?  No, not really.  However, I so would want you to go.  It’s super cute AND here’s the best part, you get to swim!  Remember the swimming pool posted above?  If you jump in with ALL your clothes on, you get half off your bill – I LOVE IT!  Isn’t that fun?! Oh come on, it is, live a little.  Man I love gimmicks. Well, guess what?  Jenise jumped in – yeah!  Cute right?  You only live once people.  So glad she had us go to experience everything.  Also don’t worry, they offer a towel to dry off, but I’d personally bring some extra clothes.   Remember, preparation is key!!!

Amenities **
Customer Service ***
Cleanliness ***
Experience ***
Taste **
Price **

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