I beez in the trap, be-beez in the trap

Nicki Minaj Defines “Beez In The Trap” on ‘The Graham Norton Show’ as, “Our slang way of “I beez doin such and such” so it’s like I’m always in the trap. Now the trap, ladies and gentlemen, refers to anywhere that you get your money.”  I’m laughing at the fact I took the time to include such a person in my blog because I wouldn’t consider myself a fan.  However, because of where The Eagle and I ate at today, it was appropriate.

For a last minuet, let’s try it out decision while on the road of running errands, we stopped at Honey Bee’s House of Breakfast.  He heard me mention them in the past so I guess he was willing to try them out.  <happy sigh>  That’s why we like him people.


The Eagle ordered the pancakes of which they are known for, accompanied by a very well seasoned veggie omelet which I strongly suggest.  I went with the french toast.  My plan of action was to get a varied selection between the two of us.  Together we also experimented with their hash browns, scrambled eggs and english muffins.


The pancakes were buttery and fluffy the way The Eagle likes them.  I’m happy when he’s able to find something on the menu he can enjoy.


As for the french toast, I wouldn’t suggest it at all.  It lacked flavor, but respected its buttery softness.  I also have issues with varied temperatures on one plate.  I strongly dislike cold items with hot items.   The cold whip cream with my warm french toast bothered me.  Nevertheless, I thought it was adorable how they displayed it with the sprinkles.


Now here’s the thing.  For the establishment to be called Honey Bees I wasn’t sure of where the honey was.  In other words I would have expected a couple of items with a honey base or accent.  Maybe a honey syrup of some sort.  Perhaps I overlooked something or read too hard into the name, who knows.  Also, the food was prepared with TOO much  butter – yuck!  It’s one thing to have my food swimming in a buttery flavored sauce of some sort, but plain butter, like directly licked it off the stick butter is too much for me. My stomach felt like I needed a pop to burn down all that lard.

Now lets discuss our experience.  We easily found street parking and entered the small restaurant with half the tables already occupied.  The sign said, “Wait to be seated”, but the 3 guys in the back seemed too busy and flagged us to just sit wherever.  For me, no big deal.  We found a table in the second room off to the left that unfortunately had a turned off television.  The waiter seemed cool and took our order – eventually <LOL> Keep in mind it was a Thursday morning.  Understaffed – Yes!  They seemed to have lacked order.  If there were only 2-3 of us I would have created a game plan having one of us always clearing tables and taking orders while the other cooked.  Maybe they were doing their best.  Half of the tables weren’t bussed yet which isn’t a clean look, but I get it, but still come on fellas.  Our orders finally went in and we waited a bit, but The Eagle and I used our time people watching and menu surfing forming humorous conversations.  It was also nice to see the menu offer specialty items in Spanish to the right.  Sucks to be you if you only read in English.  Finally the food!  The Eagle was so hungry that prayer and photo taking moved fast so I captured what I could.  One picture I had to delete due to his finger reaching towards the pancakes <chuckle>  Finally finished, but the waiter never gave us our check so we had to grab his attention.  I walked my payment up to the counter because I didn’t want to wait another 10 years for someone to come back to our table.  The prices were cheap.  However, during our wait for our check, we weren’t too bothered because I yelled at a middle-aged gentlemen who entered the restaurant looking for a place to sit.  I said, “So, you don’t want to sit with us? <LOL>”  Honest to God I had no clue as to who this guy was.  We do that a lot, talk to strangers or as we say, ‘the people’.  Local guy with two kids.  Unemployed from an injury from his construction job and seemed super cool!  He made our time even more enjoyable.  After I told him I didn’t enjoy my french toast he said he only comes for the pancakes.  Funny, I just said that earlier in this blog.



Well, I don’t know about Nicki, but my trap is where I lose money <LOL> and clearly it’s with breakfast spots.  So on that note, I’ve been in this trap.  Funny, it kind of looked like one with the air conditioner dripping loudly into a bucket located next to one of the guest tables <LOL>  I don’t know how that couple did it, but I would have moved to another table.

Well I’ve Beez here suckas – I’m out! (drops fork and walks away)

Amenities (parking, location, seating, menu selections, etc) **
Customer Service (greeted, helpful, polite, checking-in, etc) **
Cleanliness *
Experience (themed, music, atmosphere, energy, etc) **
Taste *
Price ***


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