A Fantasy with Flapjacks & Friends

The Quenab (trying it out) along with The B (that’s Bernard) finally visited Jacks & Joe near U.S.C. campus.  Their hours aren’t listed on their site for whatever reason, but I found out it’s 7-2pm M-F and 8-2pm Sa & Su.  It’s a (F.O.) spot Marvin and I tried to explore in the past, but the lines were so long we gave up and left.  I’m not waiting 45 minuets for a table.  However, that tells you how good the food must be!


Nabachwa and Bernard arrived first.  I was coming from class so I gave her my order selection prior to my arrival.  You know, so once I walked through the door everyone would start running to my table dropping down plates, cause that’s how we roll.  I already foresaw it.  They strolled in still wearing their sunglasses and quickly everyone stopped.  People started whispering, “Who’s that?” “Is that them?”  A deep voice spoke out, “YEAH, it’s us” Bernard yelled out with his chin raised slowly lowering back to his place of comfort.  Waitresses started frantically running around gathering chairs for them to sit on at their selected table.  “Please, Please – your autograph!” yelled a customer.  “NOT NOW” from a stranger in the distance.  “Water, juice, please what is it that you wish to have?” the waitress squeaks out trying not to drop her pencil and pad.  “Now, Now – no need to fear.  It’s just Bernard and I and we come to eat with good cheer” Nabachwa shares trying to calm down the girl.  Bernard places his order.  He goes for the Dakine Combo.  Hawaiian French Toast with vanilla butter, a side of eggs and Portuguese sausage.  Nabachwa ordered the 3 stack of pancakes topped with fresh berries.  For myself, I went for The Ruby.  Three stack as well, but smothered in baked apples and pecan sauce with brown sugar butter topped with powered sugar.  Oh and bacon on the side, pushing my bill from 8 to 13 bucks.


I finally arrived.  Ended my class 10 minuets early to offer more time for travel.  Quick u-turn for I almost missed the open spot in the tiny lot out front.  Note, there’s extra parking in the back.  I brushed my eyebrow into place while exiting the car.  <Sigh> Finally made it!  I kicked the door open.  I look left – counter, I look right – people.  Someone drops a plate – CRAAASH!!!  I know what they’re thinking, but I only have food and friends on the mind.  She waves, he smiles, we hug.  “It’s so good to see you!”  Nabachwa arrived in her private plane not too long ago.  Thought it would be good to meet up here while it was being serviced.  “Please, hold my baby” a women runs up to my table offering her child.  I tried to explain that I just arrived and needed to use the restroom, but she wasn’t hearing it.


The food arrived, not a long wait at all.  It was warm and delicious.  I mean, look at those flapjacks with berries.  Everyone’s food was great, but that french toast was FREAKING EVERYTHING!  The photo below does it no justice.  Everyone kept coming to our table inquiring about our comfort.  “Thank you, but please, Bernard is trying to enjoy his orange juice with ease” I gently tell the young lady.  I understand why all the attention.IMG_1090.JPG  I mean, we take care of the community.

We go around making sure people are serving up good breakfast while destroying those who cook and bake without flavor.  I must say, this by far is the best breakfast spot on this side of town.  I’d come back again.  The only downfall was the dumpster located out front. With the help of a breeze, an aroma of STANK smacked me in the face as I exited the place.  Soooo giving Mr Yuck face right now 😦

The B and I wrestled for a while with who was covering the check.  We came to an agreement.  Then we did what we usually do – take mad pics of our experience.   We had to move fast.  Stand there, no come over here.  Had a guy do a group shot of us out front who offered a funky angle.  “Please can we take a picture of the three of you?”  We’re use to it, it’s what we do – take pictures.

Who are we?

They call us…

The Dynamic Duo of Delectable Delights


The Breakfastlicous B!

duo delight w: b.jpg

Amenities (parking, location, seating, menu selections, etc) ***
Customer Service (greeted, helpful, polite, checking-in, etc) ***
Cleanliness **
Experience (themed, music, atmosphere, energy, etc) ***
Taste ***
Price ***




6 thoughts on “A Fantasy with Flapjacks & Friends

    • Thanks, glad you enjoyed. We had a good time there. Definitely a cool spot to visit. Well, it’s Sunday, off to find somewhere else to eat 🙂 or maybe I’ll stay in today and bake something?


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