When everything is good in Montana

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WOW!  What kind of place is this?   If EVER in town and I mean EVER please stop pass Stella’s Kitchen & Bakery. They’re located in Billings, MT., across the lot from the Best Western.  These places make me want to open up a shop that serves breakfast and baked goods.  A girl can dream right?  I mean, while here I encountered the best HOMEMADE french toast, biscuits and gravy and muffins <oh sigh of joy>   Every bread item melted in my mouth.  Nothing was too sweet, just right.  They would bake fresh muffins in the morning and then send a few over to the hotel.  That’s how we got hooked!  <LOL>  Talk about wanting to get back to the hotel to RUN across the lot just to eat more of their food.  I can NOT see how anyone would give them less than 10 stars.  Yes, family owned (F.O.), which I love, from a lovely couple who are actually from Los Angeles <LOL> who knew!?!?  (pictured below)


The owners were oh so awesome, just the best.  They took the time to talk with us and share their stories about growing up in Los Angeles.  Our eyes lit up as we all smiled with excitement.  Funny the things you learn about a person when you take the time to speak with them.

Well, when everything is delicious, nothing can go wrong.  Even if the customer service was horrible, it would still be ok because the food was great.  We ate their at least 2-3 times and if ever in the area again I would not dare go anywhere else!

I’m a fan Stella!

Amenities ***
Customer Service ***
Cleanliness ***
Experience ***
Taste ***
Price ***


The Cheesy Ladies at it Again! (part 2)

Here we are yet again with more cheesy displays of joy!  I tell ya people I absolutely love making and eating this Peanut Butter Brownie Cheesecake <sigh of happiness>.  Nevertheless, this isn’t about me today, it’s about my niece.


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I beez in the trap, be-beez in the trap

Nicki Minaj Defines “Beez In The Trap” on ‘The Graham Norton Show’ as, “Our slang way of “I beez doin such and such” so it’s like I’m always in the trap. Now the trap, ladies and gentlemen, refers to anywhere that you get your money.”  I’m laughing at the fact I took the time to include such a person in my blog because I wouldn’t consider myself a fan.  However, because of where The Eagle and I ate at today, it was appropriate.

For a last minuet, let’s try it out decision while on the road of running errands, we stopped at Honey Bee’s House of Breakfast.  He heard me mention them in the past so I guess he was willing to try them out.  <happy sigh>  That’s why we like him people.


The Eagle ordered the pancakes of which they are known for, accompanied by a very well seasoned veggie omelet which I strongly suggest.  I went with the french toast.  My plan of action was to get a varied selection between the two of us.  Together we also experimented with their hash browns, scrambled eggs and english muffins.


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A Fantasy with Flapjacks & Friends

The Quenab (trying it out) along with The B (that’s Bernard) finally visited Jacks & Joe near U.S.C. campus.  Their hours aren’t listed on their site for whatever reason, but I found out it’s 7-2pm M-F and 8-2pm Sa & Su.  It’s a (F.O.) spot Marvin and I tried to explore in the past, but the lines were so long we gave up and left.  I’m not waiting 45 minuets for a table.  However, that tells you how good the food must be!


Nabachwa and Bernard arrived first.  I was coming from class so I gave her my order selection prior to my arrival.  You know, so once I walked through the door everyone would start running to my table dropping down plates, cause that’s how we roll.  I already foresaw it.  They strolled in still wearing their sunglasses and quickly everyone stopped.  People started whispering, “Who’s that?” “Is that them?”  A deep voice spoke out, “YEAH, it’s us” Bernard yelled out with his chin raised slowly lowering back to his place of comfort.  Waitresses started frantically running around gathering chairs for them to sit on at their selected table.  “Please, Please – your autograph!” yelled a customer.  “NOT NOW” from a stranger in the distance.  “Water, juice, please what is it that you wish to have?” the waitress squeaks out trying not to drop her pencil and pad.  “Now, Now – no need to fear.  It’s just Bernard and I and we come to eat with good cheer” Nabachwa shares trying to calm down the girl.  Bernard places his order.  He goes for the Dakine Combo.  Hawaiian French Toast with vanilla butter, a side of eggs and Portuguese sausage.  Nabachwa ordered the 3 stack of pancakes topped with fresh berries.  For myself, I went for The Ruby.  Three stack as well, but smothered in baked apples and pecan sauce with brown sugar butter topped with powered sugar.  Oh and bacon on the side, pushing my bill from 8 to 13 bucks.


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