Waffles for ‘The People’

ALRIGHT – ALRIGHT!!!  So, it’s Saturday.  The sun is out.  It’s early and all of a sudden ‘The People’ have decided to come on over <sigh> Whelp – let’s make ’em waffles!

Pre-heat your waffle iron (turn it on) and place a mat, wax paper or paper towel underneath to catch any spills.

Now while the iron is getting hot allow me to quickly explain that just because it’s early doesn’t mean it is the only time to dish out some waffles.  I mean, there’s waffles for brunch, there’s waffles for lunch, there’s waffles for dinner and not cause I’m a sugar sinner!  <slow chuckle>  Try waffles with yogurt, try waffles with fruit, now let’s do these waffles for those who are a hoot!  (I’m on a roll people)


Don’t sleep on the additional sugar…

So you’re thinking, “who are ‘The People’?  <sigh> Must I explain everything?  You know – ‘THE PEOPLE’!  But wait – there are different ‘Peoples’.  I mean, are we talking about the ones against us and are trying to keep us down?  Or the common folk in your environment opposite of those in charge?  The friends who can’t seem to function without you and make you feel like you’re really important LOL. How about the friends who take you to the airport at the last minuet and show up to attend your scrapbook party knowing they don’t want to.  ‘The People’ who drive an hour to search for delicious doughnuts (we’ll get to that story blogs from now). Or preferably the crazy friends who feel like you’re really awesome and you think the same about them.  We’ll stick with that!  Now back to the waffles…



2          cups of all-purpose baking mix (bisquick)

1/2       cup oil (either: vegetable/canola/coconut)

2           large eggs

1 ts        sugar

1 ts        vanilla (or almond)

1 cup     club soda

Mix everything together, slowly adding the soda last.  Dont over mix it.  Butter/spray/oil your pre-heated iron and slowly pour a small amount of batter into the center of your iron allowing it to slowly reach almost the edge of the iron.  Make sure not to pour too much causing the batter to run over.  Your iron maker should indicate when it is time to remove the waffle(s).  You’re looking for a beautiful golden brown color.  If your waffles are sticking, that could be due to not enough lubrication on the iron or the iron wasn’t hot enough.

If watching your fat intake drop the oil down to 1/4 cup and again choose the oil that’s best for your dietary concerns.

People!  Don’t sleep on the additional sugar and extract and think the basic recipe on the back of the Bisquick box is enough.  Why?  It lacks flavor!  And the soda offers a light, crispness.  Want more flavor?  Remove the club soda and replace with a flavored pop such as lemon-lime.  However, be careful for it’s known for sticking.  At the end of the day, it’s your waffle so do as you please.

Yeilds about 10 waffles for 5-6 of ‘The People’


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