My First Real Blog Post – Yippee!

MY FIRST REAL BLOG! (key word is real for I’ve been doing this for a while low-key on Facebook)  I found myself randomly taking pictures of my food, wanting to share my experiences and where I have visited.  So here we are, months later with the suggestions of Rodney & Roshada prompting me to go into this direction.  However, I must also offer gratitude to my mom, Tashara, James, Nabachwa, Bernard and John for being patient as I constantly bugged them about this journey.  xoxo

The purpose of this blog is to share my fun and crazy thoughts on what I love most – Breakfast, Baking and Desserts!  I mean, who doesn’t love this stuff!?!?  I’d give the shirt off my back for a dozen of Randy’s Doughnuts – wouldn’t you?  <happy sigh> As I was saying, I want this to be a fun place consisting of restaurant reviews, recipes, friendly stories, culinary history and whatever else comes to mind.

Also note I’m still learning some of the features.  So feel free to notify me if things are weird and thanks in advance.  Again, welcome and thanks for visiting my page.


Did you know it’s National Blueberry month?  Well, now you do.  Sooooo in celebration I decided to test out the mini waffles topped with a strawberry and blueberry compote from Le Village Buffet located in Paris Las Vegas Hotel and Casino.



Marvin and I decided to take a last minuet trip to Las Vegas for the weekend simply because he was bored.  FYI, Vegas means nothing to me but FOOD and SHOWS.  The only thing I gamble on is eating out LOL  Well, to our surprise we were seated after standing luckily in a short line.  We paid $31.00 a head for it being the weekend.  Now understand Saturdays and Sundays are usually listed as, ‘brunch’ and with that title and day of the week the prices shoot up.  Normally you would spend $22 a head during the week OR get up EXTRA early (7-10am) on the weekends to catch the early bird price listed at $24.00 a head.  Now people, people please, do you think I’m getting up that early?  Naw dude!  But OK, I hear some of you fussing.  You know I love the waffle like the next breakfast lover, but sometimes a girl needs to sleep.

Random fact: I use to have waffle parties when I lived in Ohio.  Friends and I would get together and create varied mixes of waffles both from scratch and boxed.  The exciting part was experimenting with the multiple toppings and fillings.  Some turned out great, others horrible, but <sigh> I miss those days.  That’s when friends were friends and life was great 🙂

So how did I rate everything?  I enjoyed it for what it was, a Vegas buffet, but lets put a few things into perspective.  If you eat out you’re going to spend about $15-20 on average depending on the location, venue and selected entrée.  We have to also factor in it was also the weekend – price increase!!!  So sure I would like to stay in my comfort zone of $18 a plate, but buffet means multiple times and brunch equals varied options and the weekend is what it is, so I think its fair coming from Paris Las Vegas Hotel.  NOW, don’t get it twisted, there are MANY other awesome places to eat at along and off the strip for much lower prices.  HINT – HINT off the strip!  Nevertheless, we were staying at Paris so we were also paying for convenience which is another important factor.

Taste could have been a little better for $31.00.  Nothing really blew me away.  Besides my wonderful waffles, scrambled eggs, LARGE sized raisin french toast – which I appreciated, sweet potatoes and just ok hash browns, my biscuit was DRY – HOW DARE THOSE BASTARDS!!!

But let’s get back to the waffles people.  OH I love a good waffle.  The miniature sizes were perfect for buffet portions.  The outside was slightly crunchy with a nice soft inside.  I tell ya, there’s nothing like biting into a warm starch covered in fruit that has been cooked in sugar, little water and a hint of lemon juice <eye wink>  Did you catch that?

Yeah, yeah I felt like I was in Paris and the facility was clean, line was short when we arrived and our waitress was fine.  Would I go back again?  No need, but I wanted to experience them due to their reputation for being one of the best buffets on the strip and so I wanted to finally experience it for myself.

Amenities (parking, location, seating, menu selections, etc) ***
Customer Service (greeted, helpful, polite, checking-in, etc) ***
Cleanliness ***
Experience (themed, music, atmosphere, etc) ***
Taste **
Price **

Additional popular buffets to try would be – The Aria Buffet, The Buffet at Bellagio and Wicked Spoon.  All I shall get my tongue onto sooner or later.

VEGAS BUFFET TIPS: Don’t eat in line, tip your waitress, take a new plate when going back for seconds and thirds, go mid-week or early mornings, stay at hotels that offer buffet vouchers with a minimum of a 2 night stay and if you want to try a high-end buffet without the cost sign up to view a timeshare presentation.


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